Hello there! Just a quick reminder to ensure your self-storage experience is smooth and stress-free:

Check Your Lock: Before leaving, double-check that your storage unit is securely locked. It’s a small step for peace of mind.

Climate Control: If you have items sensitive to temperature changes, confirm that your climate-controlled setting is adjusted appropriately. Your belongings will thank you!

Visit Periodically: Pop in occasionally to make sure everything is in order. It’s a great way to reorganize if needed and ensures your items are well taken care of.

Label and Organize: If you haven’t already, consider labeling your boxes and organizing items. It makes finding what you need a breeze!

Aisles Accessibility: Keep pathways clear within your unit. Easy access means less hassle when you need something.

Lighten the Load: Avoid overloading boxes to prevent them from becoming too heavy. Your back will thank you when it’s time to move things around.

Enjoy Your Space: Lastly, enjoy the extra space! Whether it’s temporary or long-term, your storage unit is your personal extension.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance. Happy storing!

(262) 236-0612