When preparing for a move or packing items for storage, it’s helpful to start with essential and non-essential items. Here’s a suggested order for what to pack first:

Essentials Box:

Pack a box with essential items you’ll need immediately upon arrival. This includes toiletries, a change of clothes, important documents, medications, and any other items you’ll need in the first day or two.

Seasonal Items:

Pack seasonal items that you won’t need in the current season. For example, if you’re moving in winter, pack summer clothes and gear first.

Infrequently Used Items:

Pack items that you use infrequently or are stored in less-accessible areas of your home. This might include items from the attic, basement, or storage closets.

Books and Decorative Items:

Pack books, decorative items, and non-essential decor. These items are usually non-essential for daily living and can be packed early in the packing process.

Art and Wall Decor:

Remove and pack artwork, mirrors, and wall decor. These items are generally not needed daily and can be packed in advance.

Non-Essential Electronics:

Pack non-essential electronics such as extra gadgets, DVDs, and gaming consoles. Keep the essential electronics, chargers, and cables accessible.

Remaining Essentials:

Finally, pack the remaining essentials you’ve kept out until this point. This includes the rest of your clothing, toiletries, kitchen essentials, and any items you use daily.

Remember to label your boxes clearly with their contents and the room they belong to. This will make unpacking much more manageable. Additionally, consider creating an inventory list to keep track of your packed items.