If you are an avid photo lover as me, there are certain steps & precautions you will want to take when you are storing your photographs. You can’t just simply throw them in a box and hope that they withstand the turns of time. Well, I mean you can, but I wouldn’t highly recommend it.

Here are just a few steps you can take to keep them in the best condition as possible.

*Try to avoid your standard cardboard box. You want to use a sturdy tote or a heavier solid box. Be sure that it is closed and there aren’t open spaces. The totes are better in that they keep air and moisture out the best.

*Find acid free paper or tissue paper, this is perfect to place between photos to help preserve them.

*In terms of self-storage to store photographs, it would be recommended that you went with a climate-controlled unit. This means that the unit would be heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer. You could even figure out what the smallest unit available is and go with that.

*If you choose to go the route of storing your photographs in a storage unit, you will want to be sure to set a schedule you can stick to so you can check on them from time to time. Just to be sure that the unit is still in good condition, there is no wear and tear on the box/container you have your items stored in, etc.

Be sure to do all you can so that you can preserve your photographs and they can be looked upon for generation to generation. It may seem like a simple daunting task but, you never know what the future holds.