Today, many people are looking for smaller and more affordable housing. There are many factors that are playing into this trend.

The millennials (23-38 years old) seem to be looking for smaller and more affordable housing. Doing this will help them save money for other things that come about in life. Smaller living spaces can also mean that they are low-maintenance and more energy efficient. While this is not always the case, it is what one would hope for.

Apartment sizes in general are appearing to be smaller when they are being built. This allows the owner of said building to have as many apartments as possible in one complex. New apartments seem to be popping up everywhere today, it can leave one to wonder what the future holds.

For those who are choosing to downsize, this is where self-storage units are perfect and very ideal. Maybe you need room to house the belongings that you obtained over the years. Maybe you need space to hold your belongings while you map out your new living space. Simply renting a storage unit to house your belongings doesn’t mean you are locked into that. Be sure to know the terms of the lease agreement you are signing. This would be the perfect solution if you also have items that you want to rotate from time to time or even season to season. Don’t get down because you are making the decision to downsize, you can have many options available for you to hold on to your items! Our company for example has 9 facilities statewide and offer a vast assortment of Self-Storage Unit sizes for just about all your needs.

If you fall into the class of Baby Boomers, maybe your children are leaving the nest, and you no longer have the need for the extra rooms and living space. This would be another reason why the apartments are becoming more and more popular!

I’d like to say that no matter what your living situation is, no matter how big or small you choose to go, you have options for your belongings. I’m not talking about shoving every nook and cranny full of things. I’m talking about having a storage unit for your belongings that you can have access to 24/7.

Don’t get discouraged by the downsizing way the economy is headed, YOU HAVE OPTIONS!

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