Woo Hoo! Go Pack, GO!

What a game on Monday night, huh?  At least we had a home field advantage.  That won’t be the case the following game, they have to travel to Chicago.  Going to Chicago is not so bad, but what if they had to go further for longer periods of time, maybe even overseas?  Who would watch over everything if their spouses came with them all the time?  Would they keep their houses, cars, furniture or all the rest of their items?

These are all questions that people face who may have been offered opportunities abroad, or at a distant place for a long period of time.  Think about it, what would you do with all of your furniture, household items, collectables, extra clothes or even your car?  You can’t drive to Europe!

You have a few options.  If you know you are coming back, you could get rid of everything and start fresh when you return, give stuff to family or friends to keep for you and hope to get them back or put everything in storage and set up auto payments.

Seems to me, slimming down my items and putting the rest in storage is a great idea.  Especially if you have that one thing that is so important to you and you just can’t get it anymore and you can’t take it with you.  Even if you have family heirlooms like Great Grandma’s front hall mirror that is irreplaceable, put it in a unit for your return.

We can accommodate a long term storage and have automatic payment options.  We have units big enough to store your household – call us to get more information!