Self-storage usage can vary based on individual circumstances, life stages, and cultural factors. Here are some general observations:

Baby Boomers-

  • Baby boomers might use self-storage during life transitions such as downsizing, retirement, or relocating to smaller living spaces.
  • Storage needs may arise when they are helping adult children move or storing family heirlooms.

Generation X-

  • Generation X individuals may use self-storage during various life stages, including moves, divorces, or renovations.
  • Some may use storage units for business purposes or to store items related to hobbies.


  • Millennials may use self-storage during frequent relocations for job opportunities, as they tend to be more mobile in their careers.
  • Limited living space in urban areas might also drive millennials to seek additional storage for personal belongings.

Generation Z-

  • The oldest members of Generation Z might use self-storage during transitions like moving for education or starting their careers.
  • As this generation continues to age, their storage needs may evolve based on lifestyle changes.

Trends change with the times, and so do the storage needs of individuals no matter which generation category they fall into.