There are many businesses that can benefit from the use of self-storage in terms of both long-term & short-term! Self-Storage isn’t just for people who seem to have too much stuff, this is a common misconception.

Are you a Sales Representative? Well, there is no need to lug all of your samples and merchandise around in your vehicle. This can become very tedious and make one a bit claustrophobic. You can rent and set up a well-organized storage space for all of your needs. Be sure to rent at a facility that gives you 24/7 access to all of your items. This can be very important in that you never know when you will need to get to your inventory. You don’t want to potentially lose a client because you can only access your items at certain times of the day. Opting for a self-storage unit also means that you are choosing to not clutter up your actual living space.

Landscapers don’t always use their tools year around. During the months when you will not be using your lawnmowers, self-storage can be a very convenient and budget friendly idea! Some businesses may choose to even keep their unit year around…swapping lawn equipment for snowplow equipment. With this type of business, you most definitely don’t want to clutter your yard or parking lot with the essentials you need for your business but aren’t in the season for using. Self-Storage can serve as a secure and reliable place for your business equipment and tools.

Construction businesses can benefit from self-storage also in many of the same ways that landscapers can. With a self-storage unit, you won’t have your tools and/or construction vehicles just left out in the open. This is especially convenient for our weather that is always changing. Be sure to choose a facility that again offers 24/7 access so that you can get started on a job as early as needed or be able to work on a job as late as needed. Using self-storage also frees up space at job sites, everyone knows that space can be a factor at times.

Do you stage home? Self-storage can be perfect for when you are rotating items between showings. You don’t have to worry about where you are going to put the pieces that you so love to showcase during a showing. Some facilities offer both conventional and climate-controlled units. Be sure you check on the length of time you are expected to lease a unit for. (We offer a month-to-month lease.) Some businesses require a certain number of months, you will want to read the fine print and ask the questions.

Storage For Restaurants is also more common than some think. Using self-storage will free up your business space, creating more room for customers and staff. You can store your overstock of dishes, cleaning, kitchen supplies, backup appliances, and much more. This is also a perfect idea to store your seasonal items and decorations. Sometimes business owners always wish that they had more room. This is a perfect solution for this problem.

We have 9 facilities state-wide. Let’s see which facility of our is most convenient for you. All of them grant you 24/7 access!

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