Here are just a few Fact & Fiction scenarios for Self- Storage

Fiction: “Self-storage is only used by individuals.”

Fact: Self-storage is used by both individuals and businesses. Small businesses, e-commerce sellers, contractors, and others often use self-storage units to store inventory, equipment, and supplies.

Fiction: “All storage units are the same.”

Fact: Storage units come in various sizes, configurations, and levels of amenities. There are climate-controlled units for temperature-sensitive items, outdoor vehicle storage, and even specialized storage for items like wine or art.

Fiction: “I don’t need to organize my storage unit; I can just throw things in.”

Fact: Organizing your storage unit can save you time and frustration. Label boxes, create aisles for access, and group similar items together to make retrieval easier.

Fiction: “I don’t need to prepare my items for storage; I can just pack them as is.”

Fact: Properly preparing your items for storage can prevent damage. Clean and dry items before storing them, and use appropriate packing materials to protect fragile items.