When using a storage unit, it’s important to know just how much space you will need.

This can actually save you money in the long run!

You can even go to any facility that we have so and see what we have available and what will best suit your need.

Be sure to utilize all of the space that your unit has to offer. This can mean thinking of storing things on top of each other. Don’t just think of all of the space on the floor of the unit, begin to visualize going up.

You can begin to visualize your unit as a classic game of Tetris, where all of the pieces have a certain way that they fit together.

Another suggestion is that you don’t pack your items in trash bags, they don’t stack well on top of each other. Instead, think to use boxes and/or totes. This will also allow you to store more items in your unit and get the most for your money. (We have a full stock of boxes in different sizes located right in our office at the Mequon Storage location!)

You will also want to place items that you use often towards the front of your storage unit so you have easy access to them.