There are a couple ways that you can get started in your self-storage unit.

You can of course call us in the office and get started over the phone. You can literally have access to your storage unit that same day!

You can also rent online, when you do this, there is a bit of a wait period. It can be very convenient for you to enter all of your information in, this will prompt a call from us on our end to go over everything with you to make sure we have all of the correct information.

To rent, you will want to:

Determine what you need to store.

Decide what type of storage you want: Conventional or Climate Controlled Storage.

Determine what size you will need based on what you will be storing.

We do require you have insurance on the items that you are storing, we are not liable for anything you store in your unit.

You will want to be sure you have a durable lock for your self-storage unit.