*Featuring Our Mequon Storage Facility*

A gated storage facility is a type of storage facility that features a gated entrance that restricts access to the facility to authorized personnel only.

To access a gated storage facility, customers typically need to enter a code or use a keycard to open the gate. This ensures that only authorized individuals have access to the facility and its contents.

Some gated storage facilities also feature security cameras and other measures to ensure the safety of customers and their belongings.

Gated storage facilities are a popular choice for people who want to store valuable or expensive items, as they offer an additional layer of security beyond traditional storage facilities. They are also popular among businesses that need to store equipment, inventory, and other items that are essential to their operations.

5 of our 9 storage facilities are gated:

Mequon Storage

Menomonee Falls Storage

South Milwaukee Self Storage

Pioneer Storage

5 Corners Storage

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