Renting a storage unit for the first time can be a very daunting task. There are so many options as far as facilities, sizes, units, location, movers, etc. Here’s the top 5 mistake first times renters make and how you can avoid them!

  1. Not getting a big enough unit or getting a unit that is too large
    • First time renters often do not believe that they will need as much as they actually do or on the opposite end they think they have more items than they do and end up getting something way too big. This causes two problems, you will either need to add an additional unit which often times is less cost effective or you will need to transfer to a smaller unit which adds on more work than originally needed. You can avoid this by asking your storage facility’s advice on how much space you will need based on your items.
  2. Not getting insurance
    • We hear it all the time, no I do not need insurance my homeowner’s covers it or no the items in that unit are not worth insuring. If you are paying to store the items, they have value to you which means you should protect them. Here at MyStorageHome.Com we offer awesome policies through a company called StorSmart that specializes in self storage and offer policies as low as $9 per month and they have no deductible.
  3. Storing items incorrectly
    • In order to keep your items as beautiful as they were going into storage, you must store them correctly. Often times customers do not wrap mattresses or store things off the ground on pallets or visit their unit periodically to help with the air flow. Talk to your storage provided to help with tips on how to store your items correctly. We here at MyStorageHome.Com offer a plethora of storage materials in our showroom and have everything you would need to keep your items in tip top shape!
  4. Not packing properly
  5. Lastly choosing the wrong facility
    • Quality is often times over looked, because of what may seem like an awesome deal that ends in your items being ruined or paying more in the long run. Do your research, go visit the facility before renting, and most importantly ask the tough questions. We are here to educate and help in anyway we can. That’s what makes us the best option for your storage needs!

Avoid all of these and you will have the perfect storage experience! Please visit the other blogs on our page for more helpful hints!