There are a plethora of reasons why people opt for a storage unit. These five reasons are the reasons we hear the most!

  1. To keep summer toys nice and warm during the cold Wisconsin months
    • We see cars, boats, jet-skis, all sorts of summer toys come through our storage doors during our winter months. Stay tuned for our specials next winter on storage for all your summer toys!
  2. To relieve some of the moving stress
    • Moving is stressful on everyone, especially if you need to a temporary place before your permanent place is finished. Having a storage unit gives you a safe place for your items while you figure out all the rest.
  3. To empty out a dorm room for the summer or declutter your home
    • Whether you’re going home for the summer or just need some more space at home, a storage unit is the perfect space for your items
  4. To store a loved one’s belongings who has passed
    • Unfortunately loved ones don’t always pass away with pre warning and often times we are left with items and no place to put them. A storage unit will give you the flexibility to store items without a deadline of when the items need to be out.
  5. To keep business inventory
    • Sometimes businesses just do not have the space for old files or back stock. With our climate controlled units you will have a clean, safe, spot for your items and it is more affordable than renting a bigger space!