First find the right size box. Big or small you will need to pick the size that best fits your needs. In our showroom we have small, medium, large, and x-large. Second you will need to get tape. In our showroom we have plastic packing tape and the very popular paper tape. Third you will need other necessary supplies such as a marker for labeling, wrapping paper, scissors, and your items of course. Once you have gathered all the necessary supplies you are ready to start packing the box. You will begin by securing the bottom on the box with tape. You will then want to put your heaviest items on the bottom or if you do not have anything heavy the items that are the flattest this includes: books, cookie sheets, large pans, folded sheets, and blankets. Then continue to pile in weight order leaving the lightest things on the top. In the cracks left between items there will be space for serving spoons, vases, and other small household items. It is also very important to remember not to over pack the boxes. Over packing can lead to the box breaking and it being very difficult for people to transport. Once you have packed your box then you will want to label it with either what is inside or what room it belongs to. For example, “Sheets and Pillows” or “Kitchen.” After this is done tape up the box and you are ready to get moving to the next one! Please stay tuned for more How to’s and specials that will be available in the near future