Organization is not a swear word

Was one of your New Year resolutions to be better organized?  Maybe at work, at home or school or just in your life in general?  Are you afraid to open your closet or a drawer in your kitchen?  Do you find yourself just ignoring all the clutter that collects or running the other direction when someone mentions cleaning?  This article may be for you!!

If you have said yes to any of the above, listen here.  Being organized or getting yourself organized should not be a scary thing.  We all have something better that we can do, sure, but don’t you want to function better, feel good about accomplishing something and be able to find things easier?  Of course!  So snap your fingers and get to it.  Here are a few helpful suggestions when you decide to tackle your organization projects.

  1. Start with one thing at a time. Getting yourself to actually start is a win for itself!  I started with the infamous ‘junk drawer’ in my kitchen.  I took the drawer in the other room, took everything out and made piles.  Garbage, donate, keep but put away where it belongs, keep in drawer.  It felt so good to throw things away.  It felt even better to put that drawer back in all nice neat and clean.  Now on to another kitchen cabinet.
  2. Keep the momentum! Schedule a day or two a week that you do a drawer, cabinet, closet etc.
  3. Boxes and storage spaces work great for those things that you can’t part with, or don’t use often. Things like holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, furniture or the like.
  4. Reward yourself. If you do an extra space in a week, or have a super great night where you got more done that you thought you could do, get yourself something.  An ice cream, an extra few lives on Candy Crush, 30 minutes with your feet up, etc.

Many studies will share with you that an organized office or work area will help increase production and help reduce procrastination.  So if you don’t remember what your desk top looks like anymore, or you cannot find something to wear or have only one shoe, maybe it is time to organize!

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