Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!!!

You know you want to pop some…go ahead, pop away.

Are you wondering if we have gone Bonkers??  Sure, but here we are being serious.  The last Monday in January is dubbed, National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.  While I don’t think you can get a vacation day from work for this, I think you can still enjoy it, I mean, who doesn’t like to pop those sheets of bubble wrap.

Everyone knows that bubble wrap is very helpful when it comes to cushioning your items for shipments in the mail or when you are moving.  Have you thought of other things to use this fun product for?  Thanks to quickanddirtytips.com, here are a few more ideas for you to use that leftover bubble wrap, before you pop it all of course.

-Put it under your produce to protect from being damaged and to help keep fresh with better air circulation.

-Shove some in your shoes to help keep their shape.  Especially the ones that you don’t wear all the time.

-Put around thin hangers to create padded hangers and prevent slipping and those dreaded shoulder bumps.

-Use for travel for smaller items like jewelry or makeup.  Simply wrap up and secure with tape, rubber band or hair band.

-Roll some up for lumbar support.  Use at work, in the car, or on the couch.

-Put in your windows in winter to help save energy costs.  Will still allow the sunlight to come through, but will help to insulate your windows and prevent the dreaded drafts.

Call our office to get more information on our bubble wrap that is in stock.  We have it by the bag or by the box – boy you can have a bunch of fun with the big box!!  Reach us at 262-236-0612.