Happy Halloween?


So many of us have started to decorate for holidays other than Christmas.  From eggs stuck in the ground at Easter to a huge blow up black cat in the front yard at Halloween.

With this becoming the norm, after the holiday is over, there are bins of decorations that have to go somewhere.  Consider a storage unit for your holiday decorations and those little things that go around the house for different seasons.

Here are a few suggestions when putting your decorations away for storage:

  • Put your items in plastic bins that have lids that seal.
  • When filling the bins, check how heavy they get. Make sure that you can lift them as you fill them by spreading out the heavy items between multiple bins.
  • Put a few heavier items at the bottom of the bin as to not crush the items below it.
  • Label the bins with the season or specifically what it contains. Such as ‘Halloween Costumes’ or ‘St. Patrick’s Day table top’
  • When putting bins in a storage unit, shelves help out. Slide the bins on the shelf for easy access throughout the seasons.
  • Last, put some dryer sheets out in the unit to prevent pests and get a good secure lock for the door.

5 x 10 units or 10×10 units work great for these holiday items.  Call our office for availability and pricing, 262-236-0612, we have 7 locations.