Why would I want to use a storage unit in the winter – nothing is going on? That is exactly right, nothing is going on.  No mowing the lawn, no sitting out on the patio and no taking that fun little convertible out for a drive.  We are not trying to make you cry, there is plenty of fun stuff to do in the winter.  Rather, we are trying to help you prepare.  We all know that leaving those items outside will be hard on them, and be an eye sore.  What will you do with all that stuff in the winter?

Try a storage unit.  They are easy to get to, you just drive right up to them and load everything in.  They are accessible 24/7, most have security cameras, some have lights inside and they are all clean and well maintained.  What more can you ask for?

What will you do with all your extra space?  Create a workshop, start a yoga routine, or maybe begin collecting tree stumps?  Ok, maybe that is a bit too far, but tell us what you would do with some extra space and we will give you a coupon when you rent a storage unit with us!