Hello, you made it to our website so you must be looking for a storage unit or some information about them, right?  After doing your research, you may have run across some terms like, conventional and climate control.  What exactly do these terms mean?  Why would you need one over the other?

Let us start with the raw definitions.  The easier one to explain is a conventional unit.  This is a typical storage unit with walls, a roof, floor and a door with a lock.  No heating or cooling ducts.  Climate control gets a bit fancier.  A true climate control facility will have storage units that a heated and cooled to be within a certain temperature range.

Next question is, why would I need a climate control unit vs a conventional unit?  First thing is to determine what you are storing and how long you are keeping it there.  If you are storing for a longer time, say a year or longer, using the climate control would greatly benefit you regardless of what you are storing.

If you are storing over the winter or cold months a climate control unit would be more convenient so you don’t have to visit your unit and dig through in below zero temperatures.  Also, let’s say you are storing paintings, antiques, electronics or wood furniture, these would all be great things to put in climate control regardless of the season or the length of stay.

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