What is your guess, which generation do you think uses self-storage the most?

While self-storage usage can vary based on individual circumstances and preferences, there are some trends associated with different generations. Baby boomers and Generation X have historically been more likely to use self-storage, often due to factors such as homeownership, accumulated possessions over time, and life transitions. However, millennials are increasingly becoming significant users of self-storage, driven by factors like urban living, renting, and flexible lifestyles.

It’s important to recognize that these trends can change over time, and individual choices play a significant role. Factors such as geographic location, economic conditions, and lifestyle choices can influence self-storage usage within each generation. Additionally, as younger generations age and experience different life stages, their self-storage behaviors may evolve.

Keep in mind that self-storage trends can be influenced by a variety of factors and are subject to change based on societal and economic shifts.