Do you have a rule of thumb when organizing, storing, and/or decluttering?

The “one in, one out” storage rule is a method used to manage possessions, particularly in organizing and decluttering spaces. The principle is straightforward: whenever a new item is brought into a space, whether it’s a room, a closet, or any storage area, one existing item must be removed or donated to maintain balance and prevent unnecessary accumulation.

This can be applied in different areas of your life:

Clothing: When purchasing a new clothing item, you remove or donate an older piece from your wardrobe to avoid overcrowding and ensure you’re not holding onto unnecessary items.

Household Items: If you buy a new appliance or household item, consider removing a similar item you already have that might be redundant or less frequently used.

Books or Media: For each new book or media item purchased or acquired, one existing book or media item can be donated, given away, or sold.

General Items: In general, for every new possession that enters your space, there should be a conscious effort to remove an existing item that serves a similar purpose or is less essential.

Every aspect of this can pertain and help with your storage needs and how you store things. With that being said, a storage unit can help organize and hold your belongings.