Here are some great tips that we have for getting the most and best use out of your self-storage unit!

*Rent the smallest needed for your belongings and be sure to pack it as much as you can. Be sure to store some items vertically help maximize your space.

*Be sure to use pallets so that your boxes and totes aren’t directly on the floor.

*Planning your space can be extremely helpful, it may sound like a daunting task, but it will help you remember what is in your unit which can help you from spending unneeded money (you may already have what you are thinking of buying).

*Boxes and totes that are heavier should be on the bottom, not placed on top of boxes that could essentially be crushed by their weight.

*All fragile items should be wrapped extra carefully and use bubble wrap if possible. We all know that accidents can happen, and this will give them a little extra cushion.

*You can use drawers in dressers and filing cabinets as storage space. This is perfect to keep those smaller items in so that they don’t take up space and chance being lost.

*The legs can be removed from tables so that they can be stored vertically, thus giving you more space for other items.

*Check with your insurance to see if it covers self-storage units. Not all of them do. If they don’t, be sure to take the insurance or protection plans that are offered. Don’t wait until something happens, be proactive.

*Wiping down items made of metal with machine oil may prevent items from rusting.

*Covering your items with cardboard, dust covers, or blankets can help the dust not settle on your items if they are left in storage for an extended period of time.

Hopefully some of these are helpful, Happy Storing!