Locking your storage unit should be a reflex when you are not using it. When you leave, be sure that your locks is on properly and in the proper hold on the latch. You never want anyone except yourself to have access to your belongings. It’s a requirement that your unit is locked at all times once you have your items stored in it. If we happen to find a unit with no lock, we do put one on and charge.

Locking storage units are essential for several reasons:

Security: The primary purpose of locking storage units is to provide security for the items stored within. A lock adds an extra layer of protection, deterring theft and unauthorized access. This safeguards valuable or sensitive items from being stolen or tampered with.

Privacy: Locking storage units ensure privacy for the contents stored inside. Whether it’s personal belongings, confidential documents, or valuable possessions, a lock ensures that only authorized individuals have access to these items.

Safety: Locking units contribute to safety by preventing accidents or mishaps.

Organization and Management: Lockable storage units facilitate organization and management of belongings or inventory. They provide a designated space for items and allow for efficient categorization, reducing clutter and streamlining access to specific items when needed.

Legal and Compliance Purposes: In certain cases, storing sensitive or confidential items may have legal or compliance requirements. Locking storage units help meet these standards by ensuring restricted access to authorized personnel only, thereby complying with various regulations.

Peace of Mind: Having a lock on a storage unit provides peace of mind. Whether it’s storing personal belongings during a move, securing business inventory, or housing important documents, knowing that they are locked away can alleviate worries about their safety and security.

Preventing Damage or Loss: Locking units can also prevent damage or loss of items due to environmental factors like weather conditions or accidental damage caused by individuals who shouldn’t have access to certain items.