The most important thing with your New Year’s resolution, as with anything you do, is not to give up! There are many instances where resolutions are set and then they are put to the wayside because well…life happens, we get sidetracked, get overwhelmed…what have you. With a New Year there comes new wants, new visions, new needs, and new chances.

Here are some of the most common resolutions that are set time and time again:

*Exercise more

*Lose weight

***Get organized***

*Travel more

*Save money

*Read more

*Spend more time with family & friends

*Quit smoking

How many of these are on your list? Do these appear on your personal resolution list year after year? What is your success rate? Is it hard to stay on task? Do you hold yourself accountable when you are possibly slacking in some areas?

Sometimes people give up their resolution as soon as the end of the first week into the new year. Some people stick it out through the end of January. Then there is a small percentage that make it to the completion of their resolutions. Where do you fall on this spectrum? I would say I personally do not always complete all of my resolutions that I set for myself.

When you are setting goals, you should expect that with your goal setting, you will have obstacles that pop up along the way as they do with everything. Don’t get sidetracked with these or see them as a permanent roadblock. Be sure to hold yourself accountable for what you are aiming to achieve.

Set The Goal To Get Organized

Focus on getting organized! There are many ways to do this. You can create a checklist. Not only will this help you see what you want to do, but you will see what you have done. It may seem like a small and daunting task, but you will feel better when you look back it. You won’t have to wonder if you did something or not.

Organizing can seem like an overwhelming thing at first. If you try to tackle more than one room or area at a time, you may not know where to start.

Here is where a self-storage unit can come in handy! If you are working on a room and want to focus on one area or one group of things, you can place the other items in a storage unit until you are done. When you are done organizing what you have left in the room you can bring back you took out. This will help to not feel like you have to organize and sort every single item that is in the room or area.

Utilizing a self-storage unit to help organize your home is a great idea. You are not simply getting rid of all of the items, but you are allowing yourself the time to sort through and fully think if you “need” certain things. Being able to get clutter out to have a fresh set of eyes can be like having a fresh start. The possibilities are endless! This will allow you to see exactly how much free space you have in your home. It’s quite possible that during this time you realize that you have too much stuff. Maybe you want to rotate your items to freshen up your home from time to time.

Keep an inventory of what you place in your self-storage unit. This will help prevent you from purchasing things that you already purchased. When you want to buy something, you can simply take a moment to see if you already have it. You ‘d be surprised how many times something is put in storage and forgotten about.

To make this option work best for you, you will want to do a bit of research to see which self-storage facility is close to you. This will allow you easy access to all you are putting in storage at any given time. Know that when you place your items in storage, they are not gone for good.

This small goal of getting organized can help open the door to the other goals you want to set for yourself. When you have a well-organized space, you can think more clearly. You can have more room to relax and have peace of mind. Allow yourself to enjoy your newfound space that this process allows to have. Don’t feel you have to be in a rush to get your items back in.