Illustrated in the chart you will see the three things that make us different from all the rest.

First is education. Our company prides itself on being forever learners. Always learning about what’s new and different in the storage world. We do this by attending seminars, reading articles, reading blogs, and attending symposiums. We are always looking at our competition, comparing prices, products, and services to assure we are offering our customers the best.

Second is a quality staff. Each person employed by MyStorageHome was carefully selected and trained to offer the best service and the best knowledge to our customers. Everyone is carefully trained and is set up with all the skills to succeed. Not only in the art of selling, but also in the art of customer service. They are educated about the product and can offer insights that customers calling in may be curious about.

Third is a quality product. At MyStorageHome we pride ourselves in having the best storage units in their respective area. Every building is carefully maintained, as well as carefully landscaped, plowed, and cared for. Our grounds team prides themselves on keeping our facilities clean and easy to maneuver through.

All in all, MyStorageHome offers the best in terms of product, education, and staff. We are there for our customers every step of the way!