In order to keep your items as beautiful as they were when you put them into storage some items may require climate controlled storage. Aside from being climate controlled meaning the units stay between 50 degrees and 80 degrees at all time, our units also have dehumidifiers that help to keep the air dry to further protect your items. Wood or leather furniture, art, instruments, appliances. collections, photos, clothes, or electronics should all be stored in climate controlled units. Wood furniture can crack or warp if not stored properly, while leather furniture can discolor if not stored properly. In order to keep your collectables and antiques in mint condition climate controlled units are the best way to keep them protected from the elements. Musical instruments can become completely useless if not stored properly in climate controlled units. Artwork can fade, crack, or deteriorate if not stored in climate controlled. The safest place for your items is in climate controlled units and lucky for you 6 of our 10 beautiful facilities offer climate controlled units of all sizes!!! Call us today! 262-236-0612. Mention this post for $50 off your first month’s rent on any climate controlled unit!