With the snow coming and our two convenient outdoor parking spaces located in South Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls the question on everyone’s mind is how to properly winterize your RVs and Campers. There are three main areas that will be of concern as you prepare to store these items. You will want to protect the plumbing from freezing, winterize the interior, and store with care to avoid exterior damage. To winterize the plumbing you will need two items RV antifreeze and water heater bypass kit. These items can be found at any outdoor store. You will first begin by draining out any excess water in the pipes by disconnecting all the water sources. Once this is done bypass the water heater by using the bypass water heater kit. You will then need to add the antifreeze. It is important to turn on the water pump to feed the antifreeze throughout the system. You will need to turn all the faucets and flush the toilet until you see the antifreeze. Then reconnect the water line. You will then need to depressurize the system by turning on the water pump and open the faucet once this is done secure all the faucets are closed. The next stage in this process is winterizing the inside. This is a simpler task, but if not done correctly can cause major damage. You will need to unplug all electronic items and remove the batteries from all items such as smoke detectors. Cover the stove burners to prevent pests from finding a home. Wipe down all kitchen surfaces, tables, bathrooms. This will help mold from growing while the camper is being stored. Be sure to cover any holes or pipes with mesh or foil to help deter pests. The last part of preparing your RV or camper for winter is making sure the outside is ready to withstand the cold and snowy Wisconsin winter. Tires should be rotated at least twice while your RV or camper is in storage. This can be done by lifting it up on jacks and doing a couple revolutions to keep the tires in working order. Be sure to close all roof vents and seal anything that has cracks or may start to leak. Remove any and all awnings and store those in a dry place for the winter such as a storage unit. Re-caulk all of the windows and be sure all door seals are in proper working order. Hooray you did it! Your RV or Camper is now ready for the winter! Call us today to get a spot for your RV or Camper today! 262-236-0612.