The question many people ask themselves is, how much space do I need for all of my items? No one wants to be in a situation where they have a whole truck load of stuff and you have no more room in your unit. Use these helpful tips to make sure you secure a unit that is just right for you! Ask yourself these important questions, “Do I have furniture and how much?”, “Do I have any appliances?”, “How many bedrooms are being packed up”, “How big is my boat/car/trailer?”, “Will I need to access the items in my unit easily?” These questions helps both you and us find the perfect size for your needs. Although we offer a wide variety of sizes our most common sizes are 5’x10’, 10’x10’, 10’x15’, 10’x20’, and 10’x25’. Below you will find general rule of thumb what types of items and how much can be stored into each of these size units. 5’x10’ Consider a 5’x10’ to be like a walk in closet. These can fits dorm rooms, boxes, and smaller furniture items. Scooters or motorcycles can also fit. The units are perfect for small decluttering projects or Christmas decorations. 10’x10’ Consider a 10’x10’ to be half the size of a one-car garage. This size unit can accommodate a one bedroom apartment. It is perfect for in between moves and antiques storage. 10’x15’ The most popular size around the country for storages is a 10’x15’. It can accommodate a two bedroom apartment or a small home. These units can also be used as winter car storage for small cars and summer toys such as ATVs. 10’x20’ The second most popular size can be considered as a one car garage. This unit can accommodate a two bedroom home including appliances and is most used to store cars and boats for the winter. The perfect size to keep precious items away from the snow. 10’x25’ This size is going to be slightly larger than a one car garage. This unit is able to accommodate a three bedroom house with appliances. This unit is often rented by customers wanting to store a car and household items or a large boat. Asking yourself these questions and following our guide on what fits into each unit brings you one step closer to finding the perfect fit for you! Call today to get yourself the perfect unit for your belongings.