The question we get most from people is how do you pack up your kitchen??? The kitchen can be very difficult with the big pots, pans, dishes, and glasses. First how do you pack everything up and even more importantly how do you make sure everything is safe and makes it to your destination in one piece? We have tons of helpful tricks and tips for all of your questions. We also have all the supplies you will need in our showroom! The most important thing with kitchen pack up is getting small boxes, this makes the moving easy and also allows for boxes to not become extremely heavy causing a potential drop catastrophe. It is also important to have supplies to put in between pots and pans to prevent scratching and supplies for wrapping. In our showroom we selling both wrapping paper and kits for packing up dishes and glassware. Purchasing these items makes it quick and easy to pack things up and assure their safety. Wrapping paper can also be very effective in wrapping items, newspaper also works very well. When packing up pots and pans put small wash cloths and dish towels to help prevent scratching during the move. Using these tips and tricks can help to make you a professional kitchen packer!